Thursday, October 1ST - Opening Night 


 6-7pm     -     The HCFF Gala Wing-Off!

Chicken Wings, Live Entertainment, Cash Bar!

Hosted By The Astonishing Clifford Myers...

...and featuring a special appearance by RJ Lewis, star of

Down in Flames: the True Story of Tony "Volcano" Valenci!

(Screening Friday 7pm, Saturday 4:30pm)


Mr. Lewis will perform a live fire-eating demonstration,

sleight-of-hand...  and sign autographs!        

Coin Fan copy



7pm     -     Hard Boiled Comedy Shorts   -   Main Theatre

Open House   USA, 2014.

A twisted look at what happens when a house-hunting couple and a
real estate agent have a truthful conversation (listening not required).

That Was Easy   USA, 2015.

A roommate gives his friend a joke gift that ends up working.

The Question   UK, 2015.

An interviewer asks an unusual question to prospective interns applying for a job.

Red Cap   UK, 2015.

Brian Fitzgerald, one of Britain's oldest and most experienced gnome catchers tracks down a particularly crafty lawn gnome that has been terrorizing a garden in cheltenham.

Detective Calzone   USA, 2015.

When a new piece of evidence arrives for an unsolved case, Detective Lenny Calzone decides to put in a late night at the crime lab.

The Doorman, USA, 2014.

Joe  is  a  doorman  in  an  upscale  residential  building  in  Manhattan. Having  lost  all  hope  in  love,  and  in  need  for  extra  money,  Joe secretly  fulfills  the  sexual  fantasies  of  the  old  ladies  in  the building.  This  all  changes  when  Rebecca,  the  young,  sexy  tenant he  falls  in  love  with,  moves  into  the  building  and  discovers  his secret...

Breathe, Bitch!   USA, 2015.

When a woman sits down for a peaceful meditation, her mind really fucks with her.


The Barber’s Cut   UK, 2015.

Two cut off but living heads wake up in a fridge and

manage to escape while trying to avoid a psycho barber.

Heads_Screamw laurel

8:30pm     -     Family Jewels Comedy Shorts   -   Main Theatre



Virtual Hitman  Canada, 2015.

A Chinese Canadian father hires an online hit man to kill his daughter’s video game character, hoping to steer her away from her dream of becoming a professional gamer.


The Wedding Anniversary   India, 2013.

A couple is privately celebrating their wedding anniversary at home. But an unplanned performance by their children and some post-production effects help turn their home video into a silent comedy short of Chaplinesque proportions.


Supermum  UK, 2015.

Samantha is an average, everyday mum. Or at least she likes to think so, but her career kinda makes her stand out from the crowd because Samantha is a superhero! But a superhero's day doesn't always run to plan...


The Hook   UK, 2015.

A washed up fighter gives a boxing lesson that changes both their lives forever.

Supermum Still 1

 Lobster fra Diavolo   USA, 2015.

LFD poster 1A

        It's the holidays and Nonna plans to serve the lobster as part of the Feast of the Seven Fishes. Angela, Nonna's granddaughter, is vegan and doesn't approve of Nonna's plans. For that matter, neither does the lobster.


Nonna attacks

Lobster leaving



9:45pm   -   Feature Screening   -   Main Theatre

WEDGERINO    U.S.A., 2014.

The storied friendship of Larry and Carl faces its ultimate test when the unlikely warriors are persuaded by a mysterious new friend to duke it out in the boxing ring in this offbeat, melodramatic, occasionally dark but never scary comedy.

Dir: Aaron Wertheimer

Prod: Min Soo Elle Kim, Rachel Whelan

Writer: Aaron Wertheimer

*Director/Starring Actor In Attendance*