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Friday, October 2nd.


Staircase Main Theatre

7pm – Occupational Hazard Comedy Shorts

Chinese Treachery   UK, 2015.

Is a Chinese oral exam a time to communicate in Mandarin or is it a time to share a few home truths? As it turns out, George accidentally finds himself in the later category. How will this affect their friendship and, more importantly, their grades?

The First Pitch   USA, 2015.

A young screenwriter pitches his first movie.

The Hitman   USA, 2013.

As a hit man deals with what should be an average day on the job, his marital problems overflow and he gets advice from an unexpected source.


One in a Million   UK, 2013.

Terry dreams of winning the lottery. Will tonight be the night his numbers finally come up?

Friggers   UK, 2015.

Detective John Friggers takes on his most chilling case.

Sidekicked   USA, 2014.

A superhero (Daniel Tiner) in need of a replacement sidekick calls a service, but is none too happy with the guy (Joey Dietz) they send. Nevertheless, the two must head downtown to confront an evil villainess (Elizabeth Parker) and her own sidekick (Lauren Hearn). Good help is hard to find, as they say, in this sly superhero comedy.

Down in Flames: The true story of Tony ‘Volcano’ Valenci   USA, 2014.

Meet Tony Valenci and his sideshow of eccentric colleagues. Tony has spent his life dreaming of setting a

world record.DIFposterFINAL Despite numerous failures, Tony has never stopped believing in himself. Now, Tony has devised his most ambitious world

record attempt yet: to be the first man to blow fire while skydiving.

 *Starring Actor In Attendance*

RJ Lewis



Elaine Mae Theatre

7pm – International Spotlight

That’s Why I Don’t Have Brothers   Spain, 2014.

Antonio, forced by his wife, takes his brother in law to the lake to help him to overcome a brake up. But this same day, Antonio has to assist to the bachelor´s party of a good friend. Carlos, the brother in law (obsessed by the belief that there´s a monster in the lake) will do the impossible to make Antonio stay with him till the monster appears. Will it do it? Or Carlos it´s the real monster for Antonio?

A Splendid Affair   France, 2014.

Roger Martin is a private investigator completely broke. A woman asks him to investigate her husband she suspects to have an affair.

Blue Division   Spain, 2013.

Leningrad, summer 1943.  German attempts to conquer the strategic location of Leningrad have failed miserably.  Hitler, desperate, plays his last available card: Mission Spark.  But to carry out the mission he will need his best men… He will need the Spanish soldiers of the… BLUE DIVISION.


Comic Potential   Ireland, 2015.

A young woman from the small Irish town of Bantry decides to become a superhero, only to discover that Bantry is not the exactly the most action-packed town for a superhero. Still, with good intentions, she makes do with the little things.


Shredder   Russian Federation, 2015.

Listeners are offered to destroy well-known contemporary work of art on radio live… The film is based on real events.


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8:15pm – Love Is Funny, Shorts – Staircase Main

Just say Hi   UK, 2014.

When a girl catches the eye of a boy at a bus stop romance ensues.

Results May Vary   USA, 2015.

An awkward teen goes through drastic measures to impress a girl.

Someone for Everyone   USA, 2014.

A blind date goes inexplicably right.

Wipeout   UK, 2015.

A man with chronic Obsessive Compulsive Disorder falls in love with a beautiful female jogger, and takes up running in a bid to win her heart.

All You Do Is Shag   Spain, 2014.

A romantic dinner on an ordinary day. She is sitting at the table waiting. Finally he appears. He arrives on time. He is perfectly punctual in fact he arrives 10 minutes early: this is the straw that breaks the camel´s back. Sometimes you simply cannot stand the other´s perfectness. Sometimes and only sometimes good is bad and the other way around. Every little detail every nice gesture every delightful comment end up ruining coexistence. Prepare yourself for a crazy-epic fight.

The First Date   USA, 2014.

How far will fate go? Jack and Rachel are about to find out. Destined to be soul mates, these two are embarking on a lifelong love. There’s only one problem – they have to get past their first date. The night always ending in a heated argument, these two return to their beds only to relive the same date time and time again. But when Rachel doesn’t show as planned, Jack is forced to take matters into his own hands. Can he find her, win her love, and fix the timeline? Or is it too late and are Jack, Rachel, and the rest of the world doomed?

Sneezegasm   USA, 2015.

A first date goes wrong.


8:15 – Feature Screening – Elaine Mae Theatre

Chip & Bernie’s Zomance   USA, 2014.

Six zombie hunting teams compete to be known as the world’s greatest zombie killers in Chip & Bernie’s Zomance. Pre-Apocalypse exterminators, Chip & Bernie, are best friends that have an unorthodox way of killing zombies with their often crazy and hilarious antics. Their friendship is tested as the contest continues and they learn that their friendship is what helps them survive. Co-starring 6-time Emmy winner Tim Conway in a comedy of Apocalyptic proportions.



9:30pm – I Hamilton Shorts – Staircase Main Theatre

Break up Lake   Canada, 2015.

Breaking up is hard to do. With water.


The Interviews   Canada, 2014.

An entrepreneurial and spirited young man endures rounds of job interviews with no success, and learns that honesty isn’t always the best policy.

Donny Brisket’s Discount Porn Emporium  Canada, 2014.

I prefer to call my used porn, “second hand”.

Repossession   Canada, 2014.

DENISE (Sasha Stevenson)

Lindsay is a typical university student living in a house with her friends … except her best friend and roommate is possessed by a demon. Repossession follows Lindsay as she tries to manage her life living with a demon, while finding ways to avoid being evicted.

Hard Copy   Canada, 2015.

Every adult video store and stag shop has shuttered its doors due lack of sales. All except for one. Kevin, a young man of taste with a strong sense of tradition, elects to visit this last stag shop before it too closes for good.  Ignoring everything and everyone around him including work obligations, relationships, dead family members, or any kind of self-reflection, Kevin marches across his city to visit his own personal Mecca, the last adult video store on earth.  Kevin participates in the age-old ceremony of exchanging money for a porn video, a physical DVD that he can hold.

This Modern Forest   Canada, 2015.

Poorly skilled outdoorsman navigates this modern forest.


The Incredible Shrinking Pacino   Canada, 2014.

Pussy tries to eat man?

How To Find Friends, Canada, 2014.

Some good advice from…


Massacre at Femur Creek   Canada, 2014.

Set in the summer of 1984, this is a retro-inspired slasher comedy about three stoner friends who embark on a camping trip to the mythical Femur Creek, only to come face to face with a knife wielding maniac bent on blood shed.



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